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Lifestyle Changes for 100 Days of Running! ARE YOU MAKING THEM?

by Tanya Agarwal

We need to do something extra-ordinary if we want to achieve extra-ordinary. 100 Days of Running is round the corner and it is high time that we start taking baby steps towards change in our lifestyle.

It requires planning. It requires efforts. Even small tweaks will put you on the path of healthier habits.  But it all starts from a decision. Time, Diet, mental peace, family life need to be in sync if we want to prepare for HDOR and make it a life changing event. Let us go through them.

Time Management

100 Days of running is an effective platform where we can learn how to use time productively, especially when we work. Each and every individual on this planet has got 24 hours. It is true that we cannot increase our time but efficiency enhancement can definitely cover up for same.

This sports event will require a considerable amount of practice and rehearse so that we can bear muscle howling protest during these 100 days. But what flickers in our mind is when to practice so that it doesn’t hamper other chores. How to work smart? How to get more done in less time when pressure is high? You cannot run 10 kms, the very first day, if you are a newbie and couch. Accept and acknowledge that it would take time to climb the ladder. Start by building your mileage on a weekly basis. Run 3 -5 days during initial weeks and then go for this challenge.

  • Studies show that it is best to run at the time when your body temperature is highest which is perhaps the reason people find it more convenient to run in the evening.
  • It requires around 24 weeks of training and practice to run for half marathon. For immediate and advanced runners, it requires around 10 weeks.


During the challenge, you need to set a particular time which can be continued for 100 days. It would be best if it is not interrupted.

  • Spring up one hour early in the morning! Use less of social media applications during night which takes a toll on your sleep.
  • If you are an evening runner, stop gossiping after work hours and utilise that time for the challenge. Just for 100 days! And trust us! You would be having more gossips after this challenge, that too productive ones.
  • It is completely okay to run at night. In fact, it will make you fall asleep faster and you would get greater health and performance benefits.
  • Utilise your lunch timings if you are unable to run during your regular timings. Just carry your sports shoes and apparel. No one is going to point you. If yes, they would be the first people  to come and ask you about the challenge on 101st day.
  • If you feel little bit bored during this challenge or require some ingenuity, we have a solution for you. Pamper yourself by the end of every week for completing 7 days of continuous runs. Ask your father, beau, sibling to take you to shopping, your favourite pizza place, for a movie, therapeutic massage etc. as a reward. It definitely helps.

Diet Management

We completely agree eating is one of the sublime pleasures of life. But as said, “A Balanced Diet is a cookie in each hand”. You would have to shun legendary junk food binges because a good diet will make you perform better. And if it is improving your health, this sacrifice is worth it. Nutrition during is to be taken care of to the max. There is a beautiful article by Tanya Agarwal on Running Nutrition. It will definitely help so that you can have a watch over your eating patterns during the challenge. Click here for same.

Family life

Now you have to set priorities. You need to make sure that this challenge doesn’t hamper your career and family. You should not feel any guilt by the end of challenge because it will move the clock in reverse order. Balancing work and family life seems nearly impossible at times. “How would I be able to add one more chore in my routine?” We are damn sure this question might me striking in your mind! We have a fantastic remedy for you!

  • Involve your family in this challenge. The minimum run limit is 2 kilometres and age limit is 12 years. 
  • If impossible, involve them indirectly. Ask your wife/ children if they can help you in watching your diet or waking you up early in the morning. They will find themselves involved and would be more excited than you. An added advantage!
  • Plan a family trip after this 100 days running challenge.
  • Make one day your special day in a week. Take them to their favourite place.

Mental Satifaction

  • Practice mindfulness. Pen down how you felt while running right from Day 1 to Day 100. And observe change in your thoughts.
  • Meditate at least for 15 minutes. It will keep you more focussed towards your goal. And in maintaining the synchronisation between different spheres of life.
  •   Share the joy!

So have you taken decision to stand apart from rest of the league? Have you started adjusting your sails to reach the destination?  HDOR waits for you!


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Kathyayani Gouthaman April 9, 2019 - 7:26 pm

Thankyou for the details as a newbie I look forward for to embrace and make a lifestyle change towards good health,loose weight and build endurance during this w 100 day challenge ..

Deepak April 10, 2019 - 1:09 pm

I am a new entrant to this sports.
A year back I started gyming so as to loose some weight, and in the process use to run on tread mill.
My brother shared the difference in experience of running on treadmill to that of on road / track.
As a result I am here to take up this challenge and sport.
All the best to all participants.

Sonali April 11, 2019 - 6:22 am

I am curious why you have said “your wife/children”. I hope you are expecting women too to sign up.

Tanya Agarwal April 13, 2019 - 12:53 pm

I usually urge male runners to bring out the women in their family for running. At a mass level, there are lot of women who ignore their health’s and a little push from the family can go a long way !


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