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A Different Kinda Covid Warrior – Chetan Chaiwala on ‘Cycle’

by Tanya Agarwal

There’s something about Chetan. He’s been on my blog before. You can read his blog on the last runner on Bombay’s sea link here. He is a life capturer. He is a ‘middle class’ philanthropist. Constantly and actively looking out for opportunities to help the needy. Once he finds a reason to help someone, he reaches out to people who can help, works relentlessly to better the life of the one destiny brought him to, keeps them updated to know how their generous acts are making someone’s life better. Closes it well. Moves on. Finds more. That’s Chetan. Apart from being a photographer and an IT professional living in Bombay.

Bombay has been under a lockdown for 100 days today. Chetan found himself a task for these 100 days, one that he stuck to twice a day for these 100 days. Let’s hear it from him? Hint – He was making and serving Positivi-tea!!!

“As soon as Lockdown was announced , first thing that came to my mind was to offer Tea to near by police station.  Mr Ravi Kshirsagar who is  Second in Charge of another Police station and runner himself helped me to connect with Sr Inspector of my area.

I started giving tea for minimum 10 person  2 times in a day from 25-Mar-2020 onwards.(the day Lockdown started).  I  used to visit Police station 4 times in a day on my cycle.  My intention was to serve tea  till there is lockdown. From time to time lockdown date kept getting extended.

It was not an easy journey  as  in the initial days,  few well wishers told me to not to visit police station as there were cases and Police personnel was also getting infected.  Fear did come in my mind but  since I was taking all precautions and was visiting  Police station for only few seconds , I continued  my  work.

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Slowly entire police station staff  started remembering me as Chai Wala.  There were other challenges like thermos ,  good tea leaves and most importantly – paper cups.   We (my wife and I) have used 2000 Paper cups in 100 days.

Thanks to my wife who supported me through this cause and made tea all 100 days.  Indirectly  I did approx 5 km cycling on average for 100 days.  This kept me mentally fit and healthy  which was very important to survive in  never seen before ‘lockdown’ situation.

There were few days when challenges stared at me in the face and I was worried that today I will not able to provide tea but  everything sorted out and there were no absentees or late marks from my side.

This was a life time opportunity for me to serve in the time of crises. I am happy that I grabbed opportunity. I have seen Police working tirelessly  from day 1 and they were always helpful to whoever visited the police station for travel permission or any other matter during lockdown. In my 400 visits in 100 days, I felt that the Police is no different from us. They are here to help us.

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Chetan is his own kinda covid warrior – Not a doctor, not a nurse, not a soldier, not a health worker. A proactive and reliable person, handing out a cup of positivi-tea!


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Sunil Gandhi July 3, 2020 - 1:08 pm

Chetan In Many Ways Inspiration For Running Fertinity, More Power To Him

Ruksar Ansari July 7, 2020 - 12:34 pm

A person who helps non stop to needy ones without any benefits from them.. Just a smile on a person, families,friends, many others too. For me also, he helped in someways like motivating me through quotes in meanwhile, have a good talk with him.
” A person loves to see a smile on another people by the small effort of own to make a good day for that people around him/her.”_Rukar Ansari 🙂
I’m thankful that I’m bless with him (kindness ki dukan) .
Let’s stay safe & positive in these days. #stay healthy!


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