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Home Fitness Committing to Training for your First Half Marathon

Committing to Training for your First Half Marathon

by Tanya Agarwal

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Congratulations – Well, not for signing up for your first half marathon! No!

For Committing! To a training plan towards your first half Marathon!!

You’ve finally decided to NOT POSTPONE!!! Yay!!! Do you realize you are about to change yourself – forever???

You won’t want to look back! I promise!

You will become a problem solver. As you start executing your training plan, everyday life will throw challenges now and then, there will be enough real ( and made up) excuses pushing you to quit or miss a run every now and then. (there is life beyond running)

How you approach your problems is the biggest game changer – everybody says that! You will now experience these words.  Will you learn to figure out? Your approach to your training plan is what will be the biggest part of your training.  ( If you stick to running, you will be saying this to a beginner someday).


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I can’t repeat this enough –  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING

Both when you are stuck and when are you ready to Shoot! Being stuck means you aren’t progressing – don’t beat up yourself here. Keep trying. When you are ready to shoot – you give everything, you have worked for!

In both cases – Attitude is everything.

In every case – Attitude is Everything.

In training too – Attitude is Everything!!! ….!!!!

So as you begin your journey (Read – Training) through a ton of discomfort and doubt, don’t fool yourself with dumb phrases like ” Just be positive” or ” See the good in everything”. The truth is that it may not feel like fun always and it would be pretty hard to see any good in keeping up a regime for months, but it will make sense later for sure.

Beyond this, I hope that you are

– getting adequate rest. Napping it whenever you can.

– taking real nutrition. Fruits, veggies. Not easy to create healthy filling food all the time, but organise your time to do that.

– training in good running shoes. Worth an investment.

– working on your hydration and nutrition strategy for your final run. Don’t do anything new on the race day. Practice before you put it out for performance.

– getting yourself mentored/ coached by someone you trust, by someone who understands your lifestyle, your fitness background.

– spending time with people who love you, have faith in you and also pamper you.

Crossing the finish line will be exhilarating. You will want to hug everyone you see as soon as you finish (blame the runner’s high), so make sure you have your cheering squad out there (strangers will benefit, of course 🙂

Happy Running. BTW – What’s your favorite run quote???


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