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Welcome to Wellthyfit

Who Am I?

I am Tanya – 44, a Mom to two – a girl and a boy.

I call myself many things – Runner, blogger, mom, traveler, yoga practitioner, writer. However, at the core of me, I am a runner girl who loves to write and run places of the world. I envy birds because they don’t have to bear any travel expenses!

I enjoy running half and full marathons. It’s the training that keeps me very excited, I enjoy the monotony of the road, and the stillness of the trails, and I come alive from feeling dead after my long runs.

I practice yoga and enjoy trekking. Have done just a few treks though really amazing ones. I want to do more, when I grow up and have more time to myself.

Fitness is my life, first by choice and then by default. I don’t have to make time for it (most days).

I constantly hope and try to reach moms/ women and sometimes men too of all ages and shapes to think about staying fit, healthy, and strong, despite jobs, families, and life.

Who I am not?

Not to confuse me with a Running Coach/ / Nutritionist/ Dietitian! And definitely not an ‘Influencer’. Am NONE of these! Not today, at least.

Again, who am I?

A Management Graduate who while working in corporates figured that she actually loves teaching. I coach students for GMAT and SAT exams. I have done this for 13 years straight. I create content, infact I breathe life into the words I weave for various organisations who can’t find the best words for what they do. I love writing, staying fit and observing life. So I decided to also start my own blog webpage.

What is the meaning of Wellthyfit?

It means – Good Health (mentally too) and a Fit You – is your only everlasting wealth! How else would you live fully every day?

Is it only about Physical health?

No. But I believe you have to start with the body for every other aspect of your well-being to start feeling the changes and the growth it needs. It’s always the physical aspect first.

What is this blog – WellthyFit?

This blog is my venture into making physical and mental fitness an unmissable part of everyone’s life, to do things away from the humdrum of daily life, things that keep your body and mind – alive and ticking!

I enjoy writing and expressing about your and mine – fit life. You’ll know when you read the fantastic articles here written by people on their tools of health, life and fitness – both passionate and experts.

In one line, what is wellthyfit.com?

A constant reminder – Health is your only everlasting Wealth.

But why such a complicated name – WellthyFit?

Only till you get used to it.

 I Believe….

I can impact the world with my writing. With every passing day as an observer of this world, my views on health and fitness change. They become wider. And while I write a lot about running, fitness, health , yoga – I do happily dabble in writing about mental health.

Everyone should write about something in their lives, something they feel for or are passionate about. So I invite guest posts. You can mail me your articles on [email protected]. ( Singla is my maiden surname).

Mental health issues are real. For both men and women. We need to keep working on our mental health every day at age and every stage of life.

Happiness and Joy. Of the two, only one is longer lasting and more important.

Motivation is cheap. Anyone can motivate you, because people are amazing. Action and sticking to action is precious.

Do you love writing? Have a reason to reach out to the world?

Then, I will publish your article. Send me your article on [email protected]

Why should you give time to www.wellthyfit.com

 I invite people with a passion for fitness to write for WellthyFit readers – they could be experts, or passioned writers who feel for the game! (Nutrition, Weight loss, Running Techniques, Yoga learnings, Run and Yoga vacations).

I review health food, products and apparel that I like and use myself. I affiliate with people and their products. I motivate people to stay the course of fitness day after day.

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    Wellthyfit and I have been Featured in :

    https://www.thehindu.com/profile/author/Tanya-Agarwal-22793/ ( Out logo of The Hindu)

    https://www.livemint.com/Leisure/gHxsKobgHmRdgmAs4ZIo9I/Take-a-break.html ( The Live Mint)

    https://www.oyaindia.com/blogs/oya-tribe/tanya-agarwal-perpetually-hopelessly-optimistic (Oya India)

    https://www.mumsandstories.com/2017/08/29/tanya-agarwal-on-being-a-wellthy-mum/ (mums and Stories)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwmO1ibUfr4 (Tedx)

    https://sheroes.com/articles/meet-the-sheroes-tanya-agarwal-founder-wellthy-fit/MTk0NA== (Sheroes)

    http://www.zevenworld.com/running/news/1492-running-was-off-limits-but-now-it-s-the-anchor-of-tanya-s-life (Zeven world)

    https://www.indiatimes.com/trending/a-peek-into-the-lives-of-women-who-are-changing-the-fitness-game-in-india-358799.html (India times)

    If you want to work with me, please send me an email on [email protected]. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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