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Tanya Agarwal - Yoga & Run blogger at WellthyFit

WellthyFit is my venture into making fitness an unmissable part of everyone’s life! WellthyFit goes beyond the realm of just body fitness. It is a heartfull vibe and urge to build a life beyond routine, to do things away from the humdrum of daily life, things that keep your body and mind - alive and ticking! WellthyFit reminds us all – You aren’t wealthy enough till you have Empowered Yourself with strength in body and passion in mind, no matter what level of fitness you are at!

The various blogs on Wellthyfit urge you to:

  • Pick up a physical activity that makes you fit and keeps you strong
  • Take steps to help you build mental strength
  • Add zing to your life by trying things you never thought you would
  • Love what you do
  • Remember that there will come a time in our lives – when health will be our only wealth

Who Am I?

I am an energetic wife, mother of two kids and a working woman. I have no dearth of energy flowing through me. Running and Yoga are my tools of choice for fitness. Every single day, I make an effort to become better at every role I play.

I enjoy the mindful yoga and run thrice a week. Running half marathons for the last 3 years has kept me active. A yogini of 7 years, I have much to impart and as much to learn!

So what am I doing at WellthyFit with your time?

  • I blog about my learnings on Yoga and Running
  • I invite people with a passion for fitness to write for WellthyFit readers – they could be experts, or passioned writers who feel for the game! (Nutrition, Weight loss, Running Techniques, Yoga learnings, Run and Yoga vacations)
  • I review health food, products and apparel that I like and use myself
  • I affiliate with people and their products
  • I motivate people to stay the course of fitness day after day

Connect with me at wellthyfithustler@gmail.com or tanya.singla@gmail.com

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