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Tempo 2 of Week 2 – Pizza, Cake, Wine, and a Baby Ready to Come Out!

by Tanya Agarwal

And the second tempo run of my week 2/8 of marathon training is DONEZO!!!!!

Am single parenting today and tomorrow. Before I left home for my run at 9.20 am today, I was happily tied up with a fitness session for a trainee, settling my kids for online school and lecturing them over 20 minutes about my upcoming 2-hour absence from home for the run! My cook and I made fancy sandwiches for the kids and I innocently sneaked in one in my tummy while making them and that happens too often – because this Girl’s GOTTA FUEL and fuel well! My morning flew by and I must mention that the city of Gurgaon was shining with the warmest winter sun, even though the temperatures were as low as 6 degrees when I left!

Today’s speed run format – 4 kms warm up, 14 kms speed run, 2 kms cool down.

I was about to start when I realized I had left my water bottle at home. So I went back.

Girl’s gotta hydrate!!!!

4 kms warm-up – felt like the easiest thing on this planet. My mind was now free – I had finished 1/4th of my work, kids were on their own mission, my next call was scheduled for 12.30 pm and the upcoming Sports Day at Bright Orange Foundation (the NGO I volunteer at) is shaping up well! Sometimes I need to bring a lot of things together to earn that me-time (my run time). Sometimes am a complete mess. I still get out!

4 kms under the sun later, it was time was the real deal – 14 kms of speedwork – relaxed speedwork – sprinkled with self-control and luckily with a lot of sunshine!

What worked on this speed run – (this is all guesswork)

  • I skipped yesterday’s strength session. Instead, I did 45 minutes of mobility and stretches. It’s only week 2/8 and am being conservative in spending my energy.
  • Eating carbs the whole evening before the speed run – chicken rice, sweet potatoes, and Gulab Jamun(s)! I have the sweetest tooth amongst the runner and non-runner community! One Gulab Jamun is a joke for me. I ate 3 of them!
  • 4 litres of water throughout the day and now my kids check the loo first before they check my study when they are looking for me.
  • Crib session with my friend Nupur – I do think this is what worked the most. But she wasn’t listening because I quizzed her after cribbing and she was clueless! Such a bestie to have!

While on the run, I was in rhythm till the 9th km. It was after the 10th that I reached out for my run-bottle in my belt but it wasn’t there. First I forgot the bottle, and then the bottle dropped somewhere. No am not clumsy. It’s just that they don’t make good run bottles anymore!

So I popped in another juicy date and kept my energies going. My paces stayed between 5.35 and 5.29. I focussed on my cadence and my breath. But yes I was breathing a little harder today.

There was mild discomfort during the last km of the cool down.

At the 12th km of the 14, I was thirsty and felt a bit uncomfortable. I thought of my son, Aadit, who turns 10 tomorrow.

I got home and quietly walked into my kids’ rooms. They hadn’t realised that I was back and so I tiptoed into my room and finished my stretches.

And with that …..the second part of my day had come to an end… it was 11.45 AM!

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Looking back at 11th January 2014 – My boy, Aadit, was in my tummy – extremely restless. I had felt my first set of contractions. They were still more than 60 minutes apart. I was getting ready for a friend’s birthday party. It was 7.45 pm. I checked for the last-minute things in my hospital bag and requested our driver for his availability through the night. Between excitement, jitters, and concern, my mom asked me if I wanted to stay at home instead and rest before we got to the hospital.

I remember saying to her – “I want his last in-my-tummy treat to be a pepperoni pizza and lots of cake and maybe a glass of wine!”

I started running 8 months after Aadit was born. Every parent knows that life after kids is going to change, but what I went through…was a transformation or I’ll put it like this – He transformed me, and in the best possible ways!

Next run? 27 kms in 3 hours.

Come back and I’ll tell you how it went!

Hasta pronto

PS – This is the 3rd piece on my marathon training blogs. My marathon training is an 8-week plan that started on the first day of January 2024 and ends on the race day – 25th February 2024. I’ve decided to log my runs on my public blog this time. If you are a runner, these blogs might speak to you in some way or the other! Life does get more beautiful when it is shared!

Here are Blog 1 and Blog 2 from the series.


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