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Top Health and Wellness Trends You Need to Try Soon

by Susanne Adam
Top Health and Wellness Trends

Health and wellness extend beyond individual choices, creating an ever-growing global industry. A recent market report by ReportLinker reveals that the health and wellness industry was worth nearly $5 trillion (A$7.7 trillion) in 2022 and is projected to reach $5.3 trillion (A$8.2 trillion) this year. As this global market is composed of key segments like nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and mental health, it can significantly influence individuals’ personal behaviours and lifestyles through the latest products, services, and strategies. In this light, let’s take a closer look at the recent trends shaping the current health and wellness landscape, all of which you can consider trying and integrating into your daily routine.

Spiritual well-being

As health and wellness become more holistic in the past few years, industry experts are going beyond the scope of physical and mental health to also tap into spirituality. This aspect of well-being expands one’s sense of purpose and meaning in life, be it through religious practice or a set of spiritual beliefs. Among the popular ways to incorporate spiritual well-being into wellness routines is yoga. Specifically, a previous post explains how bending in yoga through the practice of asanas is not just about muscle-building and flexibility. It can also be linked to opening up one’s chakra, the spiritual place where one heals from past suffering and experiences growth and transformation. Regardless of which exercise is done to cultivate spiritual well-being, the goal is to achieve peace, contentment, and harmony with oneself.

Personalised nutrition technologies

While still an emerging area of research, personalised nutrition is increasingly being adopted due to websites and mobile apps where one can receive nutritional advice based on personal goals like disease management, weight loss, and mental wellness. Among the industry leaders in personalised nutrition technologies is WeightWatchers, whose weight loss programs tailor general nutritional guidelines to an individual’s specific dietary needs, restrictions, and preferences. Users can access a customised food plan via the WW app to meet both dietary requirements and weight goals. The program is also backed by nutritional and behavioural science to introduce the Points-based system as a flexible and sustainable approach to healthy eating.

Sleep syncing

Since sleep is another cornerstone of health and wellness, people are constantly looking for ways to improve their sleep quality. Enter sleep syncing, the latest strategy that involves aligning your body’s sleep cycle and circadian rhythm with your daily routine. Although others also rely on natural events like sunrise and sunset to adjust their body clock, the health benefits of sleep syncing remain applicable. These include more restorative sleep, improved mood, increased focus, and reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. Sleep syncing can start with establishing a consistent time for going to bed and waking up. Meanwhile, sleep trackers and wearable devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit can provide insight into sleep patterns and help identify areas of improvement.

Seasonal spa days

Spas have been around for decades, but the stronger emphasis on self-care routines in recent years has increased the popularity of full-day spa visits. Rather than simply dropping by for a quick massage, lifestyle magazine Elle notes that it’s now common to schedule seasonal spa days as a way to unwind and escape from a hectic daily schedule. Salons are meeting this need by curating full-day spa experiences, expanding beyond the usual body massage for add-on spa enhancements like scalp massage and a rejuvenating facial massage with jade rollers.

Now that you’re aware of the biggest health and wellness trends to include on your radar, it helps to reflect on your current routine to determine which trend is worth adopting to improve your overall lifestyle. For more tips, advice, and resources on all things health and wellness, make sure to check out the rest of the posts here at Wellthyfit.

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