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Lockdown: Your Opportunity to Commune with Nature and Self

by Tanya Agarwal

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I have been inviting people on wellthyfit.com to share their ‘Lockdown revelations’ in the times of global pandemic – Covid-19. Most blogs have so far been about Running/ Working out from home during the times of Corona. I myself have been regularly putting out my workouts on instagram on daily basis. But let’s break the monotony.

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Today, I have a very simple, beautiful and effective message by Manisha. Manisha Ahlawat is an entrepreneur, farmer and writer. {Chasing dreams, revolutions and beauty. Buoyed by love. Shackled by privilege}. Make this the only one thing you read today, pause and absorb some of the words she has used because it’s a message from the heart!

“Will we ever have the extravagant weddings like pre-Corona times, and dress up in such fine sarees again🤷🏻‍♀️?I am wearing same set of 4-5 clothing items since last few weeks. One pair of shoes and one pair of house slippers. Everything else seems useless now.

Lockdown is a perfect time to practice minimalism. Less is more, the world will perhaps discover now.
The furniture, the curtains, the carpets, the chinaware, the zillion thingamabobs floating around us, is any of these really adding anything to our lives? Except clutter? Or these were mere distractions, fillers for the void, the distance we created between us and the real stuff.

Once our bellies are full, what is the real stuff? Notice the things we are noticing nowadays. Social media is full of pictures of the sky, the stars, flowers, birds, plants, trees and gardens. And of people learning new skills, not to earn money but to satisfy their hearts and souls.
We are reconnecting with our real world; Nature
and self.

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The phrase ‘being grounded’ always meant so much more. We are growing roots.
Roots that are right now shallow fibrous roots, but if we continue our communion with nature and self, the same will grow deeper.
Into deep tap roots.
Grounding us firmly to draw upon the ethics, principles and values so deeply enshrined in nature.
Everything we learn and know comes from nature and self. Any other source, whether it’s people, books or any other media, it is simply the xylem and phloem of our lives.
 It’s needed to transfer and facilitate flow of knowledge but on its own it’s useless.

What use is a good book if my self does not allow me to pick up and read it?
What is the point of noticing the sky if my heart doesn’t start brimming with joy at the sight of it?

There is a chasm of ignorance between a cursory glance and meditative cognizance. Lockdown could be our opportunity to cross this chasm.

P.S. ( I was a botany student )


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