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Women’s Sexual Health

by Moutushi Tisha Palit

When we read about women’s sexual health, the first thing that comes to our minds is that the blog is going to talk about women’s physiology and approach things from a medical angle.

But that’s not what sexual health is all about. It refers to a state of well-being that lets a woman participate in and enjoy sexual activity. And it’s not just physical health that influences a woman’s sexual health, it’s a range of psychological, interpersonal and social factors that play a big role.

Sexuality is a part of every woman’s life

We all have the potential to feel physical excitement and pleasure. Some women might choose never to be physically active but most explore their sexual desires in some way, at some point in their lives. Having the freedom to choose how to express yourself sexually (or how not to) is an important part of a woman’s sexual health.

When I was growing up, sex was a taboo topic at home, forget about sexual health. Babies were made often but I never heard anybody acknowledging sex as something to be enjoyed. Sex was also something to be had with the blessings of elders once we got married.

Even now, a woman’s sexuality is a hushed up topic, shared among women friends behind closed doors and something that’s gossiped and giggled about.

Sexual health also means understanding our body and how it works. It involves being comfortable with ourselves and our sexual desires.

This is where I must mention the importance of female masturbation or “klittra” as they call it these days. My personal belief is that, in order to have a fulfilling sexual life, we need to know our bodies and our needs well.

I remember clearly the times when I was a teenager, I used to hold a mirror to my private parts to explore my budding womanhood. And of course the times at night when my hands would wander to my private parts and all over my body under the thin cotton covers. The little joys it began to experience even though I knew that they were my secrets that I had to keep.

Although most women are brought up to think that vaginal penetration sex is the only way to achieve the big “O”, the reality is quite different. There is a huge number of women who orgasm through clitoral stimulation, many through vaginal stimulation and some through both. It is important to figure out what works for you the best and focus on that.

Masturbation can be a big “me time” or can be done with our partners

When it’s something you indulge in yourself, let your fantasies and mind roam free. Create the space and find the time that’s needed for this beautiful experience. Don’t forget that we women are brain driven creatures to a big extent and that sex begins in our minds. Put away any guilt of any sort and just focus on pleasuring yourself.

There is a huge choice of sex toys available in the market that can be used to fulfill us sexually. Once again, knowing your body and your pleasure zones play a big role in choosing the right sex toys.

Sex requires amazing connections between the sex organs, hormone producing glands, the brain and the rest of the body. If one part is out of whack, the desire for sex may fade. In addition to the physical and biochemical forces at work, a woman’s experiences, expectations, mental/emotional health shape her sexuality.

Here, I need to mention the importance of physical fitness as well. If we feel fit, we feel sexually charged. A healthy portion of self-love is important to our sexual well-being. And that’s easier to achieve when we are feeling good about ourselves and our bodies.

For many women, contraception is an important part of sexual health. As is avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. Using a condom is a key way to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted infections.

Our sexual health is as important as our physical health and is ageless……things that very few seem to pay any heed to. Like quite a few of our illnesses can be attributed to psychosomatic causes, our well-being in general is also linked intrinsically with our sexual health.


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    Tisha Palit is a teacher turned entrepreneur who lives in Zurich and Gurgaon. She’s the pioneer of Nordic Walking in India and a certified Rebounding instructor in Switzerland. She’s the founder of Fiery Over Forty, a group for women over forty and an active blogger. In her fifties, she’s a firm believer of leading an active life to feel good about oneself. An avid fitness and gym enthusiast, she wants to promote good mental health through physical fitness.

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