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Nutrition for Good Everyday ‘RUNNING’ Health – Shreyas Karnad

by Tanya Agarwal
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Shreyas Karnad, once an obese person weighing 120kgs has lost 50 plus kilos through Running…Having Run over 8 years from 5ks to Ultramarathons he is now a full-time Running & Fitness Coach and Mentor with Runners360, who emphasizes on sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly approach to Health and Fitness.
 I invited Shreyas to write for WellthyFit, as there aren’t too many genuine believers and practitioners of Whole Food Plant Based pattern of eating. 
Nutrition: That Dreaded Word
1000s years of evolution, yet the advanced and wise Human Specie is largely confused about ‘right eating’ while all other species go about their eating job quietly. The popular balanced diets aren’t balanced, the so called Healthy Food isn’t surely healthy, food and notion of food go hand in  hand. Furthermore you have the fads and make yourself sick diets.
Firstly, I am not a qualified Nutritionist. So as a heads-up what I’m sharing is from experience and voracious reading. 
We can google spar for the rest of our lives (given the controversies around eating) on what kind of food best works for Human Beings. In recent times, the most contrasting theories/sciences revolve around animal-based food versus plant based food. There is enough evidence trying to back up both. Yes, man once completely depended on animal-based food; that is meat and diary.
So if you think we need to stick to how we ate some 15,000 years back it is important to know that ‘the average life-span then was 35 years’ and man died of ‘mysterious reasons’. We evolved into settlers and started farming including a variety of unprocessed grains, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and vegetables rich in fiber and essential nutrients that was good enough to keep us healthy and most importantly increase longevity, despite which we could not move away from eating animals (meat & diary) for whatever reason “you can go ahead and figure it yourself via Google and other resources“. The works and researches lead to books like China Study or How Not To Die sums up that a Whole Food Plant Based diet is probably most conducive to the Human Specie.

So then lets get straight down to Whole Food Plant Based pattern of eating that you can follow and sustain.

On Waking up:

400 to 500 ML Room temperature Water + Lime + a tsp of ACV to alkalize your body. If you have the habit of brushing teeth before you sleep you can wake up and directly drink water, if not brush your teeth and then consume water.

30 to 40 mins later:

If you are the one generally low on energy munch some dates or an energy bar, preferably made at home. Also if you are doing an anaerobic workout it is recommended to have dates and sip some jaggery water as and when required. If you are doing an aerobic workout you can go ahead on empty stomach/pain water and tap into your fat reserves as fuel. But this should be done mindfully and gradually. Start with shorter workouts and then condition your body accordingly.

Post Workout:

Orange, Amla, or Musambi Juice (Vitamin C) with a small tsp of Turmeric (anti-inflammatory) reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness).

45 mins later (post shower)

It is best to start with Fruits; Eat to your hearts content. Just fruits, no honey, Yogurt, etc. Keep the fruits seasonal and add variety everyday. Alternatively you can have a smoothie using plain water or almond, coconut milk. The best thing about smoothie is you can add some powders based on Spirulina, Wheat-grass, Hemp, Flaxseed etc.

3 hours later: Brunch.

Complex Carbs; Millets, Whole Grains, with dhal, pulses, legumes, some greens. Ensure you don’t overeat the grains but at the same time adequately eat the pulses/legumes for protein. Variety again.

Give a 6 hour gap (Intermittent Fasting)

If you are really hungry, snack on some peanuts, channa, have a tender coconut, or dry coconut. Ensure you are sipping water all through.
Note: Intermittent fasting should be done with Medical Advise given your Health Condition. If you are someone with Blood Pressure, Sugar Level Issues and other health conditions please consult your doctor and take up intermittent fasting under supervision.

Early Dinner

Vegetable salad (avoid leafy stuff for dinner); any kind of vegetable; semi cooked, raw, or boiled whatever works best for you; but avoid fried stuff. Add non-diary seasonings, ensure you add a few nuts, beans & seeds to it.
Give a 12 hour gap before your next meal that is your next day breakfast.
In addition check your Vitamin B12 and D3 often. Supplement if you are short on it. Probably that’s the only supplement you will need based on the above diet.
Rise above compulsions and food impositions and look at science. Ensure the food that you eat is of love and eco-friendly. After-all man is void without Love and a flourishing Eco-System which is at risk due to Animal Farming.
PS: The views are of the author from experience only. It is purely upto the reader to adopt this or not.

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