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Runner’s: 40 is the NEW Sexy!

by The Anonymous Runner
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The Delhi running scene is totally abuzz with frenzied energy! Stories of Leh Half Marathon, Hell’s Ultra, Super Sikh Run have taken over my Facebook and Whatsapp feeds !

One scan at the pre-dawn start of the Super Sikh Run (SSR) revealed an eclectic mix of runners. My eyes were riveted by a particular group. Fit, svelte bodies, carefully casual looks, latest running watches (Garmin dominates!) but the defining thing was their running mojo. Calm confidence, easy smiles, individual stretching routines…I could go on. But that’s not the point I am trying to make here. I am looking for what makes this lot tick, what makes them #mad about running! What makes them win the battle of mind over mattress every running day; rework their lives around the Sunday Long Run! What makes them truly insane about running?

Surprisingly, most of them are in the 35 -45 age group with a smattering of a few others on either side. The big Forty is very much on their minds. Winners in life – most of them are achievers in their own fields while some have overcome tremendous setbacks in life or health issues. With their live in cruise control, Paulo Coelho’s quote resounds in their minds,

“If you think adventure is dangerous, Try routine…it is lethal”

Been there, done that for most things! Looking for a new high, a new mountain to conquer. What better than killing a half marathon with style and panache. The Half Marathon – a goal difficult enough, a plan, the effort, the pain of practice and a sense of achievement. It does not end there. There is always a speed target, a new distance to conquer, high altitude and trail running twists, et al. And they are hooked. A true runner…..addicted to an endless series of running highs!!

The takeaways – a sense of personal achievement, social recognition, fitness and health.  And that Ladies and Gentlemen, gives them their hallmark look of the calm confidence of a man (no gender bias here, it just sounds better) who knows that he can overcome challenges and take on whatever life throws at him. The best part – you become part of a special group where no one asks who you are, what you do or what are you worth….because you are first and foremost you are a runner whos is #madaboutrunning.

Coming back to the age factor. Forty is just a state of mind. A state of mind when you decide

Young enough to know I can,

   Old enough to know I shouldn’t,

      Stupid enough to do it anyway.       

My take. You decide when you are Forty. You decide how long you want to stay Forty.

 –  The Anonymous Runner



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