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#lockdownlife – Become Awesome in the Times of Covid -19 -Break Status Quo

by Happy Feet
#lockdownlife - Become Awesome in the Times of Covid -19 -Break Status Quo

India shuts down for 21 days beginning today ! We are in the midst of a pandemic! Covid-19, a hugely contagious virus has the world in a lock down state!

On the flip-side…the Virus has given us the chance to make revolutionary changes. Every human has to avoid another human. Most are now home bound. Sitting back. 

Concept : Find new things, find meaningful experiences

It is time to grow differently!

Most people believe that to become the best you can be or to have that awesome experience they must make revolutionary changes in the way they think, feel, behave, and look at things! Being socially distanced physically is probably the best way to do so!  Look at it like this – awesomeness and awesome experiences rarely happen ! But Wellthy.Fit says otherwise – have a big aim but make small, incremental and simple lasting changes to make/break habits and have new and meaningful experiences everyday to see the magic unfold !

Here’s what you can do:

  • Planks for 10 mins for 21 days. Result – tight abs and there will be an improvement in your run timing. Stay away from the gym for now.
  • Take one candid picture of your wife everyday. Maybe you can become an amateur photographer who also ends up strengthening his love-bond! Remember never to answer that tricky question, ‘Am I looking fat in this picture ?’
  • Start your own blog! Write what you interests you. Being cooped up won’t stop you from thinking! Who knows – there’s a budding blogger in the making? This will get you to read some amazing blog work already on the internet.
  • Take an online yoga class. Why not? Don’t even have to spend money. There are brilliant resources on Youtube. Once the social distancing relaxes and you have caught the ‘want to learn more Yoga’ bug – you could actually head out to do a proper physical course.
  • Maybe it’s time to look internally in a different way! Meditation mixed with practicing gratitude! Gratitude for being with your family, gratitude for having the togetherness and staying unharmed! Take the baby steps towards meditating everyday! You will be surprised.

For now….Imagine…just imagine….the cumulative result of just 1% improvement per day…the end result of small things done incrementally, day after day, is staggering …..WELCOME to AWESOMENESS !

Making the Magic Happen

‘If knowledge was everything, we would all be billionaires with six-pack abs ! What really matters is what we consistently do !’

           Will 21 days help you make/break new habits – of course not ! It takes much longer. It’s an urban myth. But  this is the time to commit to 21 days to really try out something and get the true feel of a new habit or experience and then decide to continue with it or not.

In these desperate times, what we are looking for is a reason to wake up excited and passionate every day and sleep happily tired every night – day after day !  A few pointers:-

  • Start with just one simple and easy goal which takes little time. Choose from fitness, nutrition, hobbies or life-skills (a few options are given below).
  • Commit to 21 days of doing it consistently. Perfection is over-rated. Imperfection is acceptable once in a while – just don’t miss days.
  • Read or learn about it – the basic concept and the correct way to do it. Don’t get lost in details – the big picture and consistency are more important.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect time to start. You will always be short of time and daily routine/activities will suck your life-force – IGNORE them and you will pleasantly learn that they don’t matter so much !
  • Life/sh*t will happen and you will miss days – bounce back with a vengeance.
  • The initial inspired start will be followed by a ‘Ah forget it, give up or what the hell phase’! Fight through it ! Making or breaking habits does not happen without commitment and sacrifice.
  • Make the challenge both fail-safe and idiot-proof (from your unbelieving mind and the nay-sayers). Use life-hacks such as – a buddy, daily public Facebook posts, a calendar with large red crosses for every day you do it (believe me keeping the chain alive is a killer-motivator), not sleeping till you have done it, etc ! Celebrate every small victory!
  • Keep a log. Your aim is to learn it once and use it for the rest of your lifetime.       

The Victorious End-state

            Every challenge you finish will add to your skills/capability or give you a rich new experience. Stack them up incrementally one after another and you suddenly find yourself at a totally new level – constantly growing, learning, experiencing…With every victory and celebration you will grow in confidence. Time now for you to  switch to bigger and more complex challenges….and soon you will realize that YOU ARE AWESOME – IMPOSSIBLE NOTHING FOR YOU !    

 Few starter 21 Day Challenges

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

 Your identity is much more than your net worth or appointment or rank or the corner office.

Covid-19 may or may not be here to stay! We know that one day the curve will flatten out, life will come back to normal. It is then you could be the Father/Mom/Spouse/Parent/Friend who values and cherishes relationships or the super flexible Yogi or the cool guy who blogs or the gifted photographer or the wine connoisseur or the gourmet chef or the master storyteller …..the list is endless !

No matter how dark the times, You are meant to SHINE…Go forth and be AWESOME!!!

This piece on Being Awesome is written by Gee Ess – who truly believes in breaking the comfort zone every now and then and filling up his life with a new high and new rush be it physical, spiritual or intellectual. He is a regular blogger at WellthyFit writing on the technicalities of running marathons, keeping the running community motivated and pushing people to explore their limits in every arena of life!

His favorite and everlasting quote is – Dreams are not those that come in your sleep, Dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.”



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