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#lockdownlife – Corona Virus Diary

by Tanya

We are finally going to have a lot of time to do all the nothing we want to do! Are we? No and I did go through my address book yesterday and reached out to my friends I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Life is a lot about caring and more in the time of a pandemic!

The World Health Organisation declared Corona Virus a pandemic as it spread in more than 100 countries around the world.

Viruses are contagious. Some are more than others. Do read this article that explains why Corona Virus is more contagious than a seasonal flu.

I fear the unknown because ‘ Two-thirds of Covid-19 infections could be spread by people whose own infections are undetected, according to new research in the journal Science. ” ( this report has come out about 6 hours back – Read it here . You could be carrying the infection right now in your system, but be completely unaware of it as it may be less intense than it is in elderly people. Children too are carriers of the virus and that’s why schools were the first to close down.

The N95 masks available in the market actually don’t work. Tried and tested. They don’t. Why? Because the Corona Virus particles are too small. The easily available N95 masks don’t help the purpose. Also what’s the point in wearing a mask, touching things around and then touching your mask?

Do you know more things kill the people on this planet than a virus??? Can you guess what they are? No, am not doing a give away on that!

But Now – Covid-19 has taken the stage!

The world has now entered a lock down. Is this happening for the first time? Corona Virus is spreading at the speed of fire. In India all public places have been ordered a complete shut out to save the country from the impending disaster of increasing cases – malls, schools, colleges, cafes etc. It’s a pretty big deal for this pretty big country.

The truth is that nothing effects a human being more than social isolation.

In natural disasters we all have been together. I look back at 2008, when Peru had a fatal earthquake – my husband and I living on the 18th floor apartment in Lima, were slammed by glasses breaking and our bed rolling east and west at a speed. We felt death was near, but we survived and stayed on a ground floor apartment with our friends and many other people of the Indian community and we all cooked, ate, sat up all nights playing ‘antakshri’,drinking wine and making memories through post quake tremors.

We were together. We were connected.

Corona virus forces us to separate ourselves out as much as possible. ‘Social distancing’ as they call it – is the biggest need of the hour.

I am someone who likes to do many things in one day and as I go through my list of activities through the day – I have cooked ( always do – but today was longer), cleaned up my kids and my cupboard (something I usually postpone), spoken to my friend in Madrid ( who sent me a wonderful video on how the quarantine is working in Madrid)! I’ve been distracted by whatsapp messages. I also read an article by The Guradian, which says Corona Virus is here to stay actively for a year .

But my mind is going through radical confusion.

There is shut down of public places. And there is lock down of people in their homes. Worldwide.

So yeh, we will spend more time with family.

We will travel lesser or not at all.

We will work for home actively for a while.

We will spend lesser on non-essentials.

And more on essentials.

Sooner or later – will we all wonder?

Is Corona Virus here to convert us?

‘Is it asking us to make revolutionary changes in the way we think, feel, behave….live??”

Is it here to help us – Reset. Re-configure. Re-consider.

But what?


But mostly – How are we going to live meaningfully in these times. Mindsets!

Right now – times such as these – make me wonder – there is so much more to life than being happy. In a lock down, shut down phase, social isolation phase- how are we going to live meaningfully ?

If this situation is here to stay for a while as this article by the Guardian says, then how are we to break status quo, grow constantly and have rich experiences as we try to stay safe????

Will be back with an answer tomorrow!!!!

For now. Stay home. You will save yourself and many from carrying the infection. Avoid the social connect physically. Stay digitally logged on. We cannot live without connection. Human connection. So take the digital route. Stay safe. Make the right decisions ( happy or not).

#lockdownlife – The word came to from my friend Amrita Singh – who is right now in Madrid, in complete isolation and sent me two pictures of her street from her window- which pretty much sums up life in most parts of Europe right now! Day and Night!

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