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For My Dear ‘2k-3k-5k-10k’ Marathoner!

by Tanya

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I am only one marathon down! But I cringe when I say ‘only’! It demeans the hardwork I had so willingly, sometimes painstakingly put into it! Then I get on social media and read about my fellow runners’ ‘3k’ marathon and what it means to her! Oh yes! Sure does! It takes a lot to get started, fight lifestyle diseases and get your much needed fitness journey started. But this time I cringe even more. Because there are just too many who call the 2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, distance a Marathon. A marathon is 42.2kms.

It’s sell-based world. Tactics galore. When event organizers sell there 5k runs as a ‘marathon’ – I wonder why do the runners even register???? Whom and how many will I correct, irritate, annoy, hurt??? This blog is not about how low the event organisers stoop to sell their events. I have seen very few stick to the norms.

Coming back to my cringe factor on any distance being called a ‘marathon’, easy way to talk to the world – Blog It!!!! They might read it, or you can share it with them the next time they use the ‘3k Marathon’ ! It won’t take away their thunder – hopefully they will learn something new!

I’ve also figured why they call these distances a Marathon!

I think there are three reasons:

  1. Because we all want the respect and awe a marathon runner of 42.2k gets/deserves/earns!
  2. Because there is a lack of proper running vocabulary in the running glossary! We write what we read (?). The smaller distance runs really have no names. Think of it – you call a 5k run, a ‘5k run!!! A 10k Run is called a ’10k Run’! And then starts the ‘half marathon’ stuff! There comes in some respect!!! I hear you my dear 2k-3k-5k Runner – I do!
  3. Because they don’t know that a ‘run’ does not mean they ran a ‘marathon’! It means they ran! A runner is one who runs. But a ‘marathoner’ is one who runs 42.2k. I will definitely give the benefit of doubt to my fellow runner!

So let’s solve this quickly, one by one, reason by reason!

  1. Of course the hard work behind a 42.2k distance can never be taken away. Yes it’s a huge commitment – time, physical-mental effort, discipline. Let’s stand up for the real 42.2k marathoner. There’s a reason behind a huge number of 5k, 10, runners and few marathoners. Learn the distance, keep the number in mind and give the marathoner her due!
  2. How about we coin our own Running Vocabulary – I mean, why not get creative with your distances?
  • 10k – Tenathon. Dekathon ( Deka is 10 in Greek)
  • 5k- Half-Tenathon? Pentathon? ( like the pentagon)
  • 3k- Minithon? Cutiethon?
  • 2k- Mega-Minithon? Tinython?

Basically – ‘Whatever the Hell I feel like -THON!’

I know I’ve spoken too much. But the only hope of ending this blog is by getting my final words in:

There are two types of runners – One who knows the marathon distance and one who doesn’t. Thats ok! It can be learnt.

There are two types of runners – One who knows the marathon distance and one who calls every run a ‘marathon’. Ummmm…That’s not Okay!

The running community in India is increasing by leaps and bounds. The social media bragging rights are growing by infinity. I feel you. We all love the validation. But knowing the basics of running won’t take that away from you. One day when you earn and hang that ‘marathon’ medal – the feeling will be one that you won’t be able to explain, even to yourself.

I wish you an inspired running journey – one that lasts and gives you happiness for a lifetime!

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Bhavana pujar March 10, 2020 - 4:23 pm

Superb and really true

Subhash Zinjad March 10, 2020 - 5:58 pm

In order not to hurt the beginner runners sentiments & their excitements / achievements of finishing their 1st ever short distance races to which they call “Marathon”, I just tell them that they did Limbu(Kachha) THON 🙂 :).

I agree that there are less vocabulary available for the running. No one in this world born with the knowledge of everything. It’s a matter of learning and that also Step by Step and Gradually.

Anyone who do / achieve anything 1st time, their joy, excitement is on different level and they express a lot and really want to show what they have done it. So, by not knowing much thing in 1st race, their claim of calling 2, 3,5 and 10 k Road races as “Marathon” should be accepted. After getting addicted, they learn gradually day by day, month on month, year on year , race on race and then they realise that Marathon means 42km (42.195km). So, whoever claim / call 2, 3, 5 or 10k races as “Marathon” should be accepted by the Matured (Intermediate / Advanced) Runners considering that it might be their 1st time do the race with less knowledge (Vocabularies related to the Running).

Tumpa banerjee March 16, 2020 - 10:11 pm

Nice post


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