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Wall Climbing – Sweating it out Differently!

by Tanya Agarwal
Tanya Agarwal - wellthyfit

I want to do everything.  Crazier the better! Life is only that much and I always want to try everything – some for few hours, some for days, others for months and some for a lifetime! We shall see – what stays!

Enthusiasm is infectious.  And sharing my enthusiasm on things I love to do is one of the ways for me to feel alive!

Chances are that if you love mountains, like I do, you do have a certain desire for climbing! I do! I always did.  Watching climbing moves on Youtube is addictive – Chris Sharma – one of the rare species of the rock climbing world can keep you hooked for hours on Youtube showing how he climbs stuff that doesn’t even dare enter my dreams!

I even tried to rock climb in Himachal many years back. Total failure. I did these things for thrill and endless thrill I did get. My boyfriend then and I went on a rock climbing trip to Lonavala. We bought some basic gear, joined a group of amateur wall climbers and felt like total rock-stars.  It was mind blowing and all that but then Monday morning I had to be at work and earn my monthly cheque! So I forgot all about it! I only wish that Indian corporates went all out to create a fun work space – maybe install a climbing wall in office space – You can stay fit and lower their stress levels!

Mount Asgard, Baffin Island
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The above picture is a copyright of the Alastair Lee/posingproductions.com. If real pictures like these have your heart racing, and you want to feel a little more dreamy and a lot more daring, click here to see the most amazing walls to climb in our world full of magic!

And then it happened- I took my first wall climbing lesson in 2008 in Singapore.  I still was horrible at it! I had to be- my arm strength was at levels below pathetic, my finger tips had never gone through the trauma of taking such a huge beating. Only my legs were strong. Exhilarating experience. I wanted to do this more – for a couple of hours. After those couple of hours – I decided I wanted to enrol for a course. Enrolled myself for a beginner’s certification course! It ensured that I went to it every week and then I went back every month for more practice. And then I moved back to India and went back to the 4 walls of a corporate office yet again!

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Three years back- I found Delhi Rock! It’s a big beautiful facility with lots of walls to practice!  I saw the pictures online, the walls looked tough and I decided to go give this a shot yet again! It’s a big beautiful place in Delhi with lots of walls to practice on.

This is the third time, Wall Climbing found me! Just before the class, I felt the churns and the butterflies in my stomach and that was a great feeling – it just meant that I still had some love left for it!

However, this time I was back with my little charm- my daughter! And since then every summer and every winter we go and climb some walls. We are still learning and the grip is so hard, but maybe that is what makes it worth my time! This time Wall Climbing has stayed – We do about 4-5 trips to Delhi Rock in a year and which is not bad! Seems like it’s here to stay!

This year I plan to take a course at Delhi Rock to get myself a refreshing break from running!

So the question am going to answer is Why – Wall Climbing? Because it’s always great to look away from activities we obsess or are even passionate about. Taking a break from why you love doing in great. You never know how much a new activity impacts you!

I’ll give you some reasons to go try a new sport for the sake of fitness and fun!

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Whole body workout with a twist – Cardio, Core and strength

You’ll be using your arms, shoulders, fingers, legs, toes – without  having to think too much into it. You’ll be needing a lot of upper body strength to pull your body up. the And it will be a natural process to get every part and muscle group of your body engaged in picking your body and going up! You’ll be boosting your heart rate and building huge stamina! You can check my article here on basic core building through various kinds of planks.

About building great focus

There is something about focus and wall climbing. Maybe it has something to do with the fear of falling or staying in control. Just like my speed runs don’t allow much thought for anything- wall climbing takes it even further. I have often forgotten everything and just wanted to get a grip of my body, handle my hurting arms and fingers and somehow go up. There is no other way of doing it – if you aren’t focused!



Builds Adaptability 

Reaching out, leaping, going back and forth, re-looking at the goal, figuring out on-the-go and planning the next                    move- all while you are on the wall! This is called adapting to give the best to the task at hand.

And then – the biggest benefit – How about doing things, you never thought you would – For me this works more                   than anything else. While running pushes me, yoga makes me determined, taking up a new sport or exploring the                   nuances of something I like but find hard to pursue, makes me dig deep into perhaps a new realm of my personality.

DO click here to read this fantastic article by Sophie Radcliffe – someone I enjoy following

Just like her, I would love to climb on rock, ice, frozen waterfalls, giant snowy mountains and in another life, I just might – but I’ll keep this real for now and dig a little more deep into wall climbing to which I have a certain access.

The pictures were taken at Delhi Rock. You van check them out here! and No -this is not a review for them. It’s just one of the places I have liked for Wall Climbing in Delhi. You could take your kids and have a great time doing an activity together!

You can’t fall – if you don’t climb. But there is no joy living your whole life on the ground!

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