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Race Registration Pricing Difference – Marketing Gimmick or Need of the Day

by Tanya Agarwal

I was registering for the Dwarka half Marathon in September since there was a crazy deal of 70% off on it. But there was something crazier out there which got my attention and I thought of bringing it out to the larger community:

Race Registration Pricing Difference - Marketing Gimmick or Need of the Day. Wellthyfit.com. Townscript.
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The organisers at Dwarka Half Marathon are charging women runners half the price of what the male runners are paying. No – this is not a discount. This is the actual price. (on top of that there is another 70% off, but that’s a discount and different and not what I want to discuss). The men pay 1600, while the women pay – Rs. 800. See it here for yourselves.

My feminist mind was racing hard here, but before my mind went on a rant – I asked myself a few questions?

  • Could this be to bring out more and more women to run?
  • Does a lesser price encourage men to bring out the women?
  • Does it help women convince their families back home if they have to pay lesser for a run?
  • Are women runners treated ‘special’ because women are still given ‘special’ treatment?

I quickly checked for registration rates for women all around the world – From World Majors to small country, city and local runs – the fees has always been the same for both the genders.

Now the bigger question:

Will such a strategy bring out more and more women to run? Is it for better or for worse? Will this influence other event organizers? Marketing Gimmick or Need of the Day????

I, for sure, sent the info to my female runners and who doesn’t love a great running experience at half the price!????

Disclaimer – This is not a promotion post for Dwarka Half Marathon. I am also not a part of the team that is organizing it.

Tanya Agarwal is Founder and Blogger at WellthyFit - a health and fitness blog on Yoga, Running, Healthy Living, Nutrition, Travel, Joy and everything Life! She reviews fitness products and experiences. WellthyFit is her platform where she invites passionate fitness writers to share their expertise. With her blogs and fun videos she motivates people to stay the course of health and fitness day after Day.

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