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Ever Wanted to Quit Running? Ever Lose Your Marathon Mojo?

by Tanya Agarwal
quit running

Did you ever want to quit running? Does that ever cross your mind?

I met up a runner friend who has been running for a long time and became my friend very recently. When she told me that she wanted to quit running sometime back, it took me a while to comprehend the depth of what she was trying to say. She’s been a podium finisher for a while now, so would she want to quit running? Why would that even cross her mind???

The question stays with me 

I asked myself this question, and there came a few more…

  • Did you ever want to quit running for some months or really quit it forever?
  • And then, Did you?
  • And when you did – did you give up on your decision and get back to it?
  • Was it lack of sleep? Tired?
  • Was running stressing you out?

I know I won’t quit running because I am bored, or because I am lazy or because my knees hurt. Maybe a serious injury might ask me to find my high in another sport. I like the challenge Running throws at me mentally and physically. Being able to figure those challenges, overcoming them, running with my run buddies, sometimes alone, – it’s a panoply of reasons that will get me back on the road!

I also came across this wonderful article on the Telegraph. What happens when a runner gives up running? Click here 

Did you ever think of quitting running? Why won’t you ever quit running?

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1 comment

Sabjeev Chhabra June 10, 2017 - 3:01 pm

This is EXACTLY the state I’m in nowadays. Less running, more eating, super energetic puppy, personal trauma, and a big fat belly!


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