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Menstrual Cup and Running – Facts Women Runners Can Use.

by Manjeet Meen

I am Manjeet Kaur – a mother of two, housewife and a Runner. Started running with Pinkathon almost 4 years ago. Running keeps me happy and going.

Recently, Tanya Agarwal reached out to me to talk about my experience of using MCup (Menstrual Cup) while running and am glad she did.

I love running in all seasons and through everything.

Sanitary napkins can’t be used in rainy season. You can’t just go and run in rains. Also if you are registering for an event you check your dates of menstrual cycle. To run with pads will surely give you rashes, pain, bad odour, difficulty to change the pad and then to trash it…… And that’s not even hygienic!!

Manjeet Kaur Meen - Running and Menstrual Cups - wellthyfit.com
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Believe me – It’s one of the best changes I made. 

I was introduced to the Menstrual Cup by my friend, Shital Gala. I was reluctant to even listen to the process… Still she was patient enough to continue, but I wasn’t convinced. Later my running buddy Aarti Kamble also switched to MCup.  I then gave a thought to change my perspective and discussed with both about it. I then decided to switch to MCup almost 2 years back. It collects the menstrual fluid and once full, you simply remove the cup, empty it and re-insert. It can be used for years!

Making the Transition – From Sanitary Pads to MC:

Yes mine was a difficult transition. The main constraint was inserting the cup into  the vagina. Also the worry was if I run or jump will it leak or come out? I was mentally not prepared to use it. But before I changed my mind, I thought about many positive qualities, especially the eco-friendly part. You can avoid so much of waste, and that made me move forward.

It was a matter of one run only – When I started running with MCup it was just normal like any other run day. Infact I even forgot about my periods. I did my stretching post run very easily without the worry of stains. I could do all kinds of stretches with utmost comfort.

Manjeet Kaur Meen - Running and Menstrual Cups - wellthyfit.com
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Any Restrictions on Running attire?

None – Infact you do not have to worry about wearing dark color running lowers while on a MCup. You can wear short tops, slimfit pants and be totally carefree.

Removing the Menstrual Cup:

It’s only when you use – you will learn! The first time I removed it, I wont deny that it was a nightmare. Infact, I had almost made up my mind to go back to sanitary pads. However – I quickly got in touch with Ritika ( RusticArt – Support). It was after talking to her I realised that I had made an extremely simple process quite complicated. All I had to do was squat, pull the stem and press the cup little. This will release the vacuum and easily come out.  Now I was sure that I wasn’t going back to sanitary napkins ever!

Manjeet Meen - Loving her runs and enjoying the benefits of menstrual cups
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Running from Mumbai to Pune:
A 3 day run, from morning to evening with food breaks only, and the target was to do 55-60 kms per day. I just carried a small bottle and used public toilets to empty MCup waste, wash it, wear it again and move on. Had a smooth and hassle-free run. 

6 hours Run:
I ran 6 hours continuously while on a MCup, without any rashes between the legs.

My suggestions:

I understand that we have been using the pads since forever and it’s hard to let go of them. But I am a runner girl and I have used it for my most challenging runs. imagine the kind of waste you are reducing from this planet – so please work on your mental block and accept the change. It will surly take time to adjust but you won’t regret.

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Women – Runners or NOT – in sports or not – whoever you are, only once you use it you will know that MCups are re-useable, and eco-friendly -hygienic – cost effective  – odourless- and you can use them for 8-10 hours at a stretch.

I have done Half Marathons, 6 hours of running,  Mumbai to Pune – 160 kms, 12 hrs Ultra run and much more with MCup. 

I strongly recommend all ladies to support the environment and start using MCup. They are many in the market, research and use it. 
Be the change and feel the freedom.


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Charu June 10, 2019 - 6:40 pm

Nice article. Which cup are you using? I purchased wow cup,but it doesn’t build the right vacuum and there are leaks

Tanya Agarwal July 6, 2019 - 12:20 am

Hi Charu. Is that so ? I haven’t tried them as yet but I hear it does take a while to get the hang of it.

Minal October 7, 2020 - 11:30 am

Even I used Wow Cup , but there are leaks. And its extremely uncomfortable.

Tanya Agarwal October 8, 2020 - 5:28 pm

I can imagine. Have not been able to make the shift!


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