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100 Yoga Poses for 100 Days of Running

by Tanya Agarwal

Anju Yadav is doing 100 Days of Running in style. She runs and then she contorts, twists, inverts and breathes deep. She’s decided to do 100 new Yoga Poses for 100 days of Running.

She has for sure done the first 30 days beautifully and so I decided to cover her quickly to further inspire people to love what they have committed to.

Her motivation? OR perhaps she is turning into a motivation for many?

This is my second year of 100 days of running and this year I thought of doing it my way- the yoga way. Being a passionate yoga person I thought it would be nice to try different pose on each and every day after completing my run. This idea  keeps me inspired and motivated. I keep trying new poses everyday and it’s so much fun. It will be so interesting to finish this challenge with 100 different yoga poses.

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Anju, 42 is a yoga teacher by profession. 3 years back she found a new passion called running. She says”I think running is the best way to test your body limits. The amazing feeling of accomplishment after  completing any run has no comparison. I am not an ace runner but I love running. I don’t have compete with another. I just want to be better from my yesterday and running is helping me with this.

All the best, Anju – Stay Inspired. Stay Encouraged.

You can visit Anju’s Facebook profile here. Her Instagram handle is Yogalicious_anju.

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