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86 Unbelievable Facts About Running

by Tanya Agarwal

I have with me on the Blog today – Karthik Reddy. Karthik contacted me a few months back about an exhaustive infographic on 86 Unbelievable Facts about Running that he and his team has created! With all credible sources mentioned, I found that  the 86 facts in the infographic are interesting even for those who have been running through years, let alone beginners! The URL to the Infographic with all the 86 unbelievable facts is here and also mentioned at the end of this article!

Who is Karthik Reddy?

Karthik Reddy, Community Manager at 16best.net, is the author of India’s Number 1 travel blog. Boasting an MBA in computer science, he once decided to get away from the office desk life and take a breathtaking journey around the world. He is eager to use the power of the global network to inspire others. A passionate traveler and photography enthusiast, he aspires to share his experiences and help people see the world through his lens.

Start Running Today

Did you know that running is an activity that can increase your lifespan?

From running after your kids to full-blown marathons, running is a highly beneficial activity for your health. While so many people have taken on running to lose weight, this fun exercise can quickly become addictive. Once you start running, getting stronger and healthier, there’s no stopping. Around 97% of runners feel that their days are better when they run.

Running releases endorphins in your brain which makes you feel content. Why shouldn’t you reap the benefits of this dynamic workout?

If you are trying to improve your lifestyle, be healthier and focus your negative energy elsewhere, running may be just the thing for you. No, you don’t have to be as fast as Usain Bolt, and you are not meant to run a marathon straight away, but start somewhere and see how you do. Stretch out, grab your Nikes, and become the best version of yourself.

What are the most important things to remember before you begin running?

  • Listen to your body.
  • First of all, don’t tire yourself right from the start. Add a bit of a tempo to your walks and gradually increase speed.
  • Your body knows best when it can’t go on anymore. Take breaks and make sure you are properly hydrated.
  • Pay attention to unusual pain that gets worse when you run.
  • Find the right equipment.
  • 57% of runners buy at least two pairs of running shoes a year.
  • Eat for the win.
  • Consume food rich in carbs and protein; these are your body’s fuel.
  • Anyone can run, age or weight don’t matter.
  • Running builds character, endurance and makes us healthier.
  • To find out more about how running works and what are its benefits take a look at this infographic.

Check Out 86 Unbelievable Facts About Running on the link below !

URL: https://www.16best.net/blog/unbelievable-facts-about-running/

Featured Image Credit – Nupur Singh and http://www.thehellrace.com/


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