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The 3 x 30 Workout Routine – For those Who Can’t Work Out Consistently

by Tanya Agarwal

In these times of extreme fitness, I do happen to come across many people who constantly complain of not getting enough time to workout !

At a certain dinner last night, I met a woman who has struggled with getting time for herself – a workoholic husband, a daughter in grade 10 and a son in Grade 12 ! Clearly the demands of two teenage kids in high stress grades – is endless pressure on a mother who is trying her to best to be a strong physical and emotional support to everyone in her house!

From being a fitness junkie she was now completely out of routine staying up late nights along with her kids to take care of their needs while they burnt the midnight oil! She got completely sucked into the craziness of her kids’ routine demands and covering up for everything almost like a single parent!

But things didn’t stop for her immediately. She tried her best to stay her fit self, got herself a Yoga teacher at home! But gradually lost steam. Again like the phoenix …she tried to get back to the gym. Her exact words ‘ between so much to manage at all times, I was turning up in the gym always exhausted’ ! The weight gain happened, as predicted. She said she wanted something that was not time bound, could be done at home, with no time commitments!

The best words I heard from her – I realised that I didn’t have to be perfect in sticking to my fitness regime, because that was becoming my excuse’ .So she did something which I found worth mentioning on my blog !

She figured something called as the “3 *30 Workout routine for herself! It’s called – Nate Green’s 3 x 30 workout routine.

She said, it was not the lack of motivation but not being able to manage or fix time for fitness! The maximum she managed was 1 hour of brisk walking! But to a fitness junkie..that’snot sweat enough! 

So here is what the new routine looked like:

  • 30 seconds of exercise
  • 30 seconds of stretching or rest
  • 30 minutes, total

A few things I understood about this routine:

  1. Not a structured routine. You make a structure out of it. What you want to do in those 30 seconds of excercise is what you need to design for yourself.
  2. Not for complete beginners. Because beginners won’t know how to structure a program or even follow it.
  3. Not do it if you are injured. We all know that our fitness regimes gives us a high and so we incorporate whatever we can in whatever time we have – But this 30*3 is high intensity and not for when you are injured!
  4. Not a proper replacement for your fitness regime! It’s for people who have been missing out their regular workouts and need to get in some sweat and burn especially if they are losing out their motivation to workout!

How to do it?

  • Get a timer or Download a free split timer to your phone like this one Simple Interval Timer
  • Jot down five exercises that complement one another (push ups and rows for eg.) and a couple of stretches.  You could concentrate on just legs one day and abs the other day!
  • Make sure your form is right.
  • Put the 30 sec timer. Once it goes off move to a stretch !
  • Switch between an exercise and stretch every 30 seconds for the whole 30 minutes.

To be NOTED:

I did some research about this program and read a bit more in detail about it here. For a detailed read on this, you could click here. Also read up on this shorter piece. 

Important words – This is not a muscle-building program. It’s not a fat-loss program. It’s not a rehabilitation program that will help you “fix” your muscle imbalances. Instead, the purpose of the 3 x 30 Morning Workout Routine is simple: It will help you stay consistent with exercise.

So, it’s OKAY to lose your rigorous momentum for a bit! Because if you have the motivation to keep fighting the lazy hormone, then there are ample ways to fight the circumstances – time and again!

Keep Trying! Stay Fit ! Sweat Hard!

Featured picture Credit : http://physiocentral.net.au/view/post/physiocentral-exercise-app



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