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5 Women – Fitness/ Sports Enthusiasts and the Magical Menstrual Cup

by Tanya Agarwal
The menstrual cup has been a quiet revolution in India. It has been around for the last 10 years but only very recently women have started talking about it and that too with much coaxing.
I am super intrigued about when did this quiet transformation take place and why is it not talked about. Why not? Women in India have started making smarter choices, while so many of us chose to live with mental blocks. So I spoke with 5 women who are into different fitness regimes and sports about what the Menstrual Cup has done to them. I really hope the fence sitters find this good enough nudge to make action happen!
Here we go:

Niharika Magre – Cyclist, Runner and Swimmer in the making

Niharika Magre - Cyclist, Runner and Swimmer in the making. Wellthyfit.com - menstrual cup
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I am working as a Quality Management Professional in a Pharmaceutical Firm, and mother of a 8 YO boy. I am a amateur cyclist and and started “Cycle2Work” in March 2018 to reverse the effects of my sedentary lifestyle.
Being working mothers there are many things that affect our focus and make us miss out workouts. Now Menstrual periods doesn’t have to be one. After I started using Menstrual cups, I don’t have to ever worry about rashes, leakage, or dislocation of pads during cycling.
Initially I was unsure about using the cups, as I never heard of them from anyone around me. So to be sure I did use a Menstrual Cup along with Sanitary Napkins for one complete cycle. Once I was sure, it was indeed a life changing experience as my period days became just like any other day. The cup is easy to insert and remove once you have a hang of it. Also there is no problem of carrying another pad, and disposing the used pads.
My idea of cycling is not just fitness but fun with family and friends. I recently started learning swimming and used cups during my swimming sessions without any problem. I once read somewhere that Menstrual cups have been there for almost a decade. I wish someone had told me about these earlier. 

Maya Basrur – Likes to Swim and Gym. Runs Marathons

Maya Basrur - Likes to Swim and Gym. Runs Marathons. Wellthyfit.com- menstrual cup
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I am a home maker, mother to two daughters and a fitness enthusiast. I am a Marathoner with varied interests like Swimming and Gyming. I was introduced to the concept of a Menstrual cup by a relative and have been using it happily and proudly for over a year. I must say that it is a boon to womanhood and has been one of the best decisions of my life to switch over to a menstrual cup from sanitary pads.

Being a water baby, I try to  swim at least thrice a week. Earlier, it used to be very annoying to miss swimming on the days of my cycle. But with the cup it has been a life altering experience.

When I entered the pool for the first time with the cup I was very apprehensive, with radical thoughts in my mind like what if the cup would come out due to the vigorous leg movements, whether I would be able to dive, swim under water and so on and so forth.

All my fears vanished within a few minutes and I could swim as usual, even dive as I used to during the normal days with the cup intact and facing no discomfort at all. It has really been a blessing as I don’t have to miss swimming and enjoy it as much as I do during the other days. Moreover, its safe, hygienic, and environment friendly. I strongly believe that we need to change with time and am proud to be a part of this change and in due course look forward to doing so for my daughters as well.


Nupur Dharia – Runner, Swimmer

Nupur Dharia - Runner, Swimmer. Wellthyfit.com- menstrual cup
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31 yrs old – New mother – Environment Lover – Runner – Software Engineer
Being an environment lover, I always take care of what I throw out of my house.
Sanitary napkins are made up mainly of plastic, cotton and chemicals which we women use and throw in landfill each cycle.
Using and throwing ~20 napkins/cycle used to bother me. In addition to that, I had to adjust my long distances run according to my monthly cycles – because of rashes.
Two years back, I started researching for an alternative. I came to know about  menstrual cups. I was little reluctant but I felt its better to give it a try. I ordered a WOW cup from amazon and tried it. It was uncomfortable for first 2 hours and post that it worked like a charm. I even ran 21 kms wearing it during my periods.
I can do anything (literally) – Swimming, Running, Jumping etc without having a worry of rashes or leakage. I live a normal day as any other – Just wear and forget about it.
6 of my friends are using it happily on my recommendation. I feel good that I am doing my bit for environment and most importantly for my own body. 

Shilpi Gemawat – Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Marathoner, Avid Gymmer

Shilpi Gemawat - Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Marathoner, Avid Gymmer - wellthyfit.com menstrual cup
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I am a mother to a 3 year old and a Fitness Enthusiast, a passionate Marathon runner and a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor.  I love animals and being in nature and am also a certified Dog trainer from Canines Can Care

I first started gymming when I was 15 during the vacations after my SSC boards. I ran my first half Marathon in 2014.

Throughout this journey, the time when I got my periods used to be very frustrating. It was a task to either gym or run with sanitary pads. The pads would not stay in place.  Chaffing was common and there was always the fear of leaks. The embarassing outline of the pads showing through the active wear had to be avoided somehow by wearing extra long tshirts. Also on the days with a heavy flow, it was most annoying to keep on changing the pads. 

Come 2017, a year after I had my baby, I started levelling up on my gym training as well as running sessions. The periods seemed even more of a  hindrance then. After reading the reviews on the menstrual cup in a Moms Facebook group in 2018, I decided to give them a try. Inserting and removing the cup the first time was a learning process for sure. But once I got the hang of it, there was nothing else to worry about. I have never been more comfortable in my periods. Infact I can almost forget that I am on my periods. From not having a care about wearing active wear which is usually form fitting to doing squats, lunges, deadlifts, bending down without any fear of leakage or chaffing, menstrual cups are really a blessing. Add to this, they are low maintenance, easy on the pocket and most of all environment friendly. I am a happy Menstrual Cup user since a year and there is no question of ever switching back to sanitary pads or tampons.



Priyanka Pugalia  – Barefoot Runner

Priyanka Pugalia  - Barefoot Runner. Pinkathon Ambassador. wellthyfit.com - menstrual cup
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I am a Marketing professional and a passionate barefoot runner. I am a Pinkathon Ambassador and have been associated with Pinkathon for past 2 years.

About 1.5 years back, Shital Gala, my friend and fellow runner, introduced us to MCup during one of the Pinkathon sessions at Juhu Beach. Reluctant at first, I thought of giving it a try since I love running during rains. I placed the order for the cup immediately and convinced few of my runner friends to do so as well.

My first two days of period are usually tough. I get stomach cramps and the flow is heavy. When I started using the cup, the first two- three months were a bit difficult. For safety, I continued with sanitary pad as well. But after that, the ride has been smooth.

Being a passionate runner you do not want to miss your running schedule and once on MCup, I did not have to worry about rains or heavy flow. Both were taken care of. I have done many long run practice and even half marathons using the MCup. Infact, I have also done the tough Satara Hill run and Vasai Virar Half Marathon with improved timing using MCup. The days with MCup are as carefree as any other regular days.

I no longer have to worry about disposing of the sanitary pad or about running out of stock at the wrong time, odour or encountering harsh rashes. In my own little way, I am happy to be contributing to the society by practicing environment friendly life style. One cup, if maintained properly can last for upto 10 years. They are made of silicon and hence 100% safe.

I wish many more follow suit and start using the MCup and encourage others to use it as well. Be the changemaker and inspire many more to follow a healthy, environment friendly lifestyle. Let nothing come between you and your passion!



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