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Running: *A Journey From XL to M*

by Manju Viswanathan

Hello, I am Manju Viswanathan and I am 39 years old. Every year on my birthday, I ask myself “Why are you celebrating this day? What have you achieved so far?”

The answer typically would be -“Well, I have learned so much, earned this much, blah blah..” but I have never found a convincing answer to myself. But then I hoped to have something bigger and better for my next birthday. I would hopefully say “Yes..I have achieved something (which may not seems great to many)”, I would proudly say *I ran for 100 Days and successfully completed the task.*

I am a very normal woman with all the health issues and difficulties that each and every typical human being would face in their life. During my childhood days, I was never seen in the playground nor was I into sports.

I am a very normal woman with all the health issues and difficulties that each and every typical human being would face in their life. Manju Viswanathan. Wellthyfit.com
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But then, I started walking an year ago, and I liked it because I got some fresh air and could listen to my favourite songs , both of which added to keeping me in high spirits through the day. It also allowed me to explore new routes in my area.

When I joined U2 Group on Facebook, I was so inspired to see the running updates posted everyday. It got me wondering “how do they run so much?” And so when Mr.Shan, my friend and founder of U2 asked me “Why can’t you take this challenge?” I jumped and said YES. Surprisingly, I did not have any seconds thoughts nor did I wonder if I could actually do it.

I have committed to myself, *You are running..that’s all*. It did not matter how far I could go, I would still do what I could. 

I have never ever run and so it was very new to me.

On the very first day, I ran 5kms. I had no clues about the Pace, Speed, Marathon training/running etc etc..On the 4th day, luckily I found a group running in my area, soon I joined them and learnt a lot about right form of running, stretches and how to run .. and here is what I accomplished thereon.
To my surprise, 
On Day 51, I ran my first 10 Km @ Marudhamalai Road 
On Day 58, I ran my first 10 Km Marathon (Jun 24th) sponsored by Asian Paints. 
On Day 72, my second 10 Km Marathon (Jul 8th) @ Kovai pudur.
On Day 89, Completed my personal goal of 400 Km running.

While it is all easy as I sit and recall the journey now, it was quite hard.

The 100 days of running without a break was a tough one. Manju Viswathan. wellthyfit.com
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The 100 days without a break was a tough one.  Not to forget the questions I was asked by people around – why are you running at this age, why are you running on road, are you not ashamed of people watching you running, why are you wearing t-shirts, why did you cut your hair so short.. As it is I was dealing with my own struggles- unexpected travels, guests at home, monthly periods, work pressures, knee injury, etc, all of which made daily running quite a task…

One other thing that was running in the mind of those around was that “she might not stick to this for 100days”.

It could be because I had many interests- writing, painting, crafting, singing and so on,  but I lost interest within a few weeks and moved to the next thing that got my attention.  But then, with this 100day running challenge I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick to it and do it!

I am glad and proud I did..

I owe my achievement to the *U2 Team & Coimbatore Runners – Saibaba Colony Team* for all their guidance, support and continuous encouragement & support. (Not mentioning anyone in particular as the list might run to many pages).
I also Thank my beloved husband Mr.Balasubramanian who has been so supportive to complete my task and my family for all the unconditional support extended.

So, What did I get by running 100 days?

1) Drastic inch loss with 0 weight loss
2) Boost to my confidence levels
3) I could run upto 10 Km comfortably which was only 100 steps on Day 1.
4) Completed 2 Marathons so far and many more to come.
5) ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ has become a habit again.
6) Health conditions are much better now.
7) Made a good bunch of new friends.

Well, hope this has inspired you to take up running/ change your life.. And a big Thanks for reading my story..
My area residents are wondering why the roads have developed craters in the recent days?
Ussshhhhhh..Pls don’t tell them it’s because I am running. 

Well, hope this has inspired you to take up running/ change your life.. And a big Thanks for reading my story. Manju Viswanathan. wellthyfit.com
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  • Manju Viswanathan
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    Residing at Coimbatore, I am an M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion Degree Holder / 20 Years Experience in Textile Testing Industry / Running own business in the name of POZO TECH along with my husband. I write poems in Tamil and Won prizes for that / Presenting a daily show in Charity Radio broadcasted from Mexico / Reading and posting book reviews regularly / Debate speaker / Smule Singer / Blogger & Interested in learning new things. I have run two half marathons so far and many 10k runs.

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