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10 Commandments of a Locked Down Runner

by Coach Ravinder Singh

There is a pandemic on the planet! It’s called – Corona Virus or Covid-19. It is a highly infectious disease (read here) that has taken the world in 2020 by complete grips. The world has come to a standstill – Really, not literally. Lockdown and Quarantine are no more fun words. Life rules will be re-written, infact the process is on. And while we as runners, have run through it all – natural calamities, man-made destructions, air pollution, heartbreaks and setbacks, victories and tears, – the Corona Virus pandemic demands an approach that is hard for every runner right now – We need to STAY AWAY and STAY PUT. We need to practice social distancing, we need to not be the carrier of the infection, we need to keep our families safe, we need to decrease the workload of the healthcare providers, we need to do everything to stop the infection from spreading. We NEED to STAY PUT.

So I, a die-hard runner, lay the rules here for my fraternity, lest they forget! Repeat After Me….

1. I shall adhere to hand hygiene

This is the code to live by to begin with. Why? Have I forgotten that I often end up coughing and sneezing in my hands and further touch everything around?? Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease.

2. I shall mind the gap, 3 feet to be precise

That’s exactly what the DOCTOR ( World Health Organisation) prescribed. Because if I do end up going out for a run, because I can’t understand the gravity of the situation that the world is in, then at least I will mind the ‘prescribed’ gap!

3. I shall sleep sound without interference of alarm

Time to catch up on sleep of years that I gave up for the road. Time to get rested.

4. I shall not venture out of home for a short run

Because that is the need of the hour. That no matter the distance I decide in my head, I ultimately stay home. I practice social distancing and I do not become the carrier of infection.

5. I shall workout at home with available resources

Time to get creative. Hit Instagram, Youtube, Zoom sessions. Oh! There is plenty. Workouts galore! Time to work that core, strengthen those glutes, hamstrings, calves – time to build those strong runner’s legs without the road! Because things will change, there will be a new normal, and maybe time and caution will open the roads again! Don’t have weights, gym equipment, gadgets, props at home? Go to the bedside, use a table, use a water bottle, do body weight excercises! Move. Go. Go . Gooo!

6. I shall not be running indoors for long hours

Running is a coping mechanism for a lot many runners. While I give up running outside going with the need of the hour, there are many getting as restless as they are getting creative about creating space at home for indoor running. I will, when i really want, run indoors only but not for too long. There are chances I will get injured or hurt.

7. I shall learn new hobbies

Restlessness from not running can be tapped ! I hate reading, but love running, so why not use this time to read about accomplished runners? Fabulous books, articles on running galore. Enough free online courses exist, of course paid ones too. Since I are saving my moolah by not spending on online shopping, and running shoes and accessories, why not use this money to learn something from the gazilion amazing courses online? Something within my comfort or beyond? The other day, I dug out my old unfinished paintings – damn! I was talented once!

8. I shall remain positive and compassionate

Largely. Mostly. As much as I can. Because my family members need my spirits to stay high. I need to create an ambiance that is mindfully curated for the best mental health of each and every person am sharing my quarantined space with. When I will really miss running, I will look back at my running pictures from my favorite events, repost them on instagram, laugh at the fun running memes on running during the times of Covid-19, stay in touch with my running buddies, running groups. I am not alone. We are all in this. And together we can create ‘wellness’.

9. I shall eat healthy and cheat once in a while

Because staying healthy, fit and active is one of the best ways to stay disease free. Infact I will help cooking or cook myself as much as I can, because when I do it with my own hands, I will be more mindful of what I eat. I will keep my meals light, drink a good amount of water to stay hydrated and avoid the extra eating that I don’t need. I will remember that I am not running my usual 40-50kms weekly, and so I need to keep my calories in check. I will not eat more than I can burn. My health is not only my own wealth but also of the people I live with. Btw- where is that packet of ‘Alo Bhujiya’???

10. I shall not Fog internet too much by challenging my peers

I will not fog my social media, but I will create fun fitness challenges and not tag too many people. Infact I will let them be. If it moves them, they will give it a go! But I will try my best to not to overdo the already overdone challenges.

When in doubt, remind yourself- The Better Runner will stay back home!


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