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6 Tried and Tested Ways to Practice Positivity

by Payal Priyadarshini

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Anything in excess is not good, balance is the key and the whole practice is to reach a stage where balance comes naturally to us. To stop something is an extreme measure and which generally turn into obsession (read wellthyfit’s latest article on mental health here) resulting only in harm and does no good. Not to eat, drink, excessive exercise is a forceful act which will never have a positive impact. It will only increase negative energy in our system which is mostly a result of resentment

Start slow – Take baby step, feel no pressure, no tension, no stress. Slowly and gradually you will reach there. First you must try to sit, just sit as much as you can, on the floor in a comfortable position with spine straight, eyes closed and tune in to yourself. Feel no stress, just focus on your posture, relax every muscle, have no anxiety, centre of attention should be your breathe, feel your heartbeat. Give yourself space and peace and then inhale and exhale.

Sit in silence and breathe – Stimulating chants, mantras or just sitting in silence. You can do it anywhere. This aids the body and mind in connecting to its battery which is the solar plexus that is where tremendous potential energy is stored. This can be tapped through various yoga breathing techniques (Pranayama) resulting to physical and mental rejuvenation.

Stretch – This helps in balancing the energy which we have in our body. Water, earth, fire and air. Any form of exercise is good. Stretching off course sets a base by acting as a lubricating routine to the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other parts of the body by increasing circulation and flexibility.

Nourish body and soul – Spend time with nature like hiking in mountains, vacation on beaches are good for health – both body and soul.  Take that Vitamin SEA and a selfie with mountain backdrop. This will help cool down the system and the radiator of the car. When the body and mind are continually overworked, their efficiency diminishes. Relaxing vacation in the lap of nature is best way to get recharged. It will be good for both your physical fitness and mental health.

Express your gratitude – It’s nice to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have rather than just sulking over what you don’t. Cultivating gratitude neither cost anything nor does it take any extra time but its benefits are enormous, like it will open doors for many other good things in life.

Get enough Zzzzz – There are many researches which have proved that good night sleep has many health benefits than just one from having a healthy heart, brain to overall stress levels. It helps produce better and healthy cells and repairs the damaged ones. It’s important that we don’t forget that getting adequate amount of sleep on a regular basis is a huge part of the equation.

Not to forget only happy us can have happy we. Therefore stop feeling guilty for easy days. Keep life simple and remember good life is a product of healthy body and mind.

Featured Image Credits: Andre Gorham II


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