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Yoga at Work – Cow Face Pose (Hands Only)

by Tanya Agarwal
Tanya Agarwal - wellthyfit

Here’s to the ‘Workstation and Whatsapp Stuck’ people! Cow Face Pose – Gomukhasana

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Pic Courtesy : Livestrong.com

In stating a very obvious, dangerous and a long term health issue here, we spend hours and hours of continuous typing, looking at our phones and sitting while working on our desktops.  It builds up immense tension and stress in the neck and shoulders. At some point it gets transferred to the the spine and gradually to the hips…and then start the endless visits and sessions at the physiotherapist without even realizing where and how it all started. No matter how much we love our work, it does suck our energy and leaves many parts of our body screaming for help!

The cow pose practiced couple of times everyday helps to unleash all that trapped stress out of the neck and the shoulders. So after every couple of hours of feeling low and tired, breaking into the cow pose works wonders. You will feel your muscles gearing up from relaxation. Your muscles open up. In minutes you are rejuvenated and ready to go back to work without feeling lethargic! 

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However, before you push yourselves to hold those hands together, there are stages to go through! Initially use a belt to help keep the arms in place. With everyday practice try to move the hands closer. And gradually let go of the belt. Remember to breathe in and breathe out while in pose. As you learn to master the cow pose and gradually learn to distress the neck and shoulder with it, the idea is to slowly learn to hold it! From 5 breathes to 10 to 15 to 20! It is when we learn to hold the pose and breathe in and out, we can reap maximum benefits from any and every pose.

So without worrying about taking off your shoes, finding a yoga mat, getting into your yoga gear or even crazy sweating – put your phone on side or look away from your desktop and do the Cow Face pose (hands only) couple of times between intense typing and looking into the screen!

P.S. And all those who have serious neck or shoulder problems, request you to do it under supervision.

Written By Tanya Agarwal

All inputs by Ritu Govil (Sivananda tradition)

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Shashi October 17, 2016 - 11:33 am

Thanks for sharing Tanya.


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