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Yoga Stretching for Runners – Video – Do It Along

by Tanya Agarwal
Tanya Agarwal - wellthyfit

A video on Post-Run Cool Down through Yoga! A step by step guide!

Before you see this video, go through an article here on yoga asanas that make for some different post run stretches.

While we run our hearts out, the importance and necessity of a dynamic warm-up and post-run cool off can never be underestimated! This video focuses on relaxing the muscle soreness that accumulates over long hours on running, helping the runner to keep the dreaded injuries away.

The following video targets to stretch:

  1. Hamstrings (Back of the thigh)
  2. Quadriceps (Front of the thigh)
  3. Hip Flexors (Front of the hip)
  4. Calves (back of the lower leg)
  5. Hips & Glutes (bum and outside of thighs)



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