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How I EAT Hydration!

by Tanya Agarwal

This summer, hydration was not just liquids

Every summer is teaching me new and interesting stuff.  I dealt with this summer with some systematic planning.  The months of May, June and July were horrendously hot and now humid but each of these months I clocked a good mileage of 170-190 kms a month. From 120 km a month to 190km a month without me crippling away the next day or landing up with headaches or muscle cramps or exccesive fatigue has happened only because I took my hydration goals very seriously.

I had a tonne of homemade barley water, sattu water (drink made out of powdered garbanzo beans), Fast n Up sent me a great deal hydration, I carried salt and bit of sugar water for very long runs.

What I added to this and did differently was I also ATE foods that carry more than 90% water but also contributed to some nutritional value! The active tribe always and mostly ends up looking at fluids to stay hydrated! The truth is that – it’s only a part of effort to keep it right! And we end up overlooking the water content of foods!

But I kept it simple. No much drama. No expensive stuff. Of course there are the red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, oranges (but not in summers). But these things do add up making the list expensive. So my list is easily accessible, not expensive and hence you can do this everyday in your diet in summers. We still have the terrible august and September to deal with!

So here they are. Simple. Accessible. Economical. Powerful.

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