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Finding My Way Back as a Blogger

by Tanya Agarwal
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After nine months of staying away from my blog webpage www.wellthyfit.com, I am finally emerging back on a space that I’ve nurtured for over 5 years.  As I write this blog, I wonder who will ever search for a write up like this on Google (one of the few endless dilemmas of a blogger), who really cares about why I neglected my blog website for 9 months.

I started Wellthyfit.com back in 2016….my labor of love for writing and running.  A tired (in more than one ways) mother to two small babies, when unleashed on her long runs for her ‘me time’, came back home brimming with thoughts that she would pen down in her daily dairy. The love for journaling had been there for a while. Gradually, having my own blog page felt like the best idea to start putting my run thoughts out to the world.

my blog website
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Within two months of blogging, I moved from a free theme on wordpress to a full website.  Running a website had an overwhelming newness written all over me. Blogging entailed writing good content, putting it out neatly for the world, learning the game of SEO and Google rankings. A year later, Wellthyfit.com had guest bloggers, beautiful pieces on running and 4 paid reviews on it.

I also realized that blogging is not writing and writing is not blogging. Infact, writing is the tip of the iceberg called Blogging! The SEO, Google rankings, viewership can be so exciting but also suck the joy the out of writing. 

Click here to read about Writing is not Blogging.     

Learning to write
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Learning to Write

I also started working on my Instagram page to get 10000 organic followers. Why 10k? As Google quotes, “On achieving 10k followers, Instagram will make it easier for you to get people to your website via Stories with the swipe up to link feature”. Using an active social media channel to add a select few to my niche readers felt doable.

10K organic followers on Instagram was my short term goal. Getting a 50000+ organic readership every month on Wellthyfit.com was a dream I was working towards now. Somebody asked me what would happen if I’d get that. I said – first, let that happen.

In January and February 2019 – Wellthyfit.com hit a viewership of 45000 per month. I added a new member to my team. I was also inching towards the 10k mark on Instagram.

rarely linear
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The story comes with twists. It’s rarely linear.

The story changes here

Two things transpired in quick succession – In October 2019, I sat with a fellow runner discussing about my dream project of writing a book. In that one odd meeting of one hour, with a common theme in mind, we had found co-authors in each other! All this while, I had been quietly hoping to work on a book along with a like-minded human and here she was. It was now a matter of getting started on this project.

A few months after that meeting, Covid- 19 paused the world. For the first few months of the pandemic, I worked on the book and continued writing on the blog. The walk towards the book had begun to feel intense.  From writing 3 blogs per week, I was now down to 2 and sometimes even one, as a direct consequence of avoiding a mix up of focus.

One was about writing, putting out content and spending time promoting that content regularly. The other was about crawling into a quiet space, writing and ‘learning to write’ powerful stories, and weaving more magic into them.  They both demanded different mind-sets, time investment and heart.

Covid- 19 paused
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Writing is about shutting down to the world. I struggle with that aspect.

The big question that hit me as I struggled on the book ….did I even know how to write a short story?  For the last four years I had been writing 500-700 word blogs.  Here I was trying to decode a 6000 word plot.

 I was stealing time from one to give more to other ….the nurturing of neither felt complete. It was time to unlearn and learn. It was time to invest myself into a different writing craft! I had dedicated number of hours for writing every day. The rest of the time I was with my work, kids, parents and my running. Consumed and overwhelmed, I decided to put wellthyfit.com on hold. I didn’t mull over this more and quickly began my journey on unlearning everything I knew about writing so far.

beautiful adventures
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My blogging took a hit, but the beautiful adventures with my children went on……

What did I do last nine months?

Short courses on writing, reading more than I have in the last two years put together and deciding to write 500-700 words every day were some of events that followed. I pledged to not take a single day off from writing, because building a habit is about doing it as often as possible.  I also continued to constantly engage with my feed and followers on Instagram.

I used up my time in bettering my physical health,  spent two months exploring a new city with my family, did a mountain run, went on a writing retreat, took a short trek vacation with my kids, packed and unpacked multiple times – The adventures have rolled and how!

Where am I now?

I stay in the thick of Co-authoring my first book but all these months later I have better understanding of the nuances of writing a story.

And with that little grip, I feel ready to lift the pause on blogging. The overwhelming and consuming mix of both has lightened up. I have held myself back and missed writing on WellthyFit. Writing a book is an on-going sojourn and the journey towards is worth documenting and sharing, which I will someday. I keep the cards close to my heart here.

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Every ‘pause’ is about reflections. Evaluating the big and small changes in life.

What to expect on Wellthyfit going forward:

  • My interest in mental health will spark writings on the topic. My purpose here is to work with mental health experts and bring valuable information to my readers.
  • With so many new fitness products in the market now, I will scout for some exciting products for reviews. I shirked doing this in the past. I stay annoyingly selective and the product trial time for me stays 30 days. Lot of brands lose patience here. Some habits will not die and I will continue to stick to this.
  • I’ve had tremendous learnings on strength training which am excited to document, in addition to my constant learnings on Running and Yoga.
  • I will continue to write about my travels and my adventures as a mother.
  • It’s also time to bring back guest bloggers which form a major model of writings on WellthyFit.com. I’ve been tremendously lucky with the tribe of writers sharing their fitness and health journeys here.

On this homecoming, I strive to keep it simple with a blog a week. I hope to bring valuable information, practical tips and motivating stories. In the end I hope that my writings bring in a deep and fulfilling connect with my niche readers which is what it boils down to for me as a writer.

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Colonel Vivek Sharma July 13, 2021 - 1:07 pm

Lovely Tanya ..
more to you keep sharing your such lovely thoughts, experiences, expectations and your journey towards being a better version of yourself.. it would certainly intrigue many readers like us to strive, slog and make some positive changes in our mundane routines to help transitioning to a healthy and better persons what we were yesterday..

Farida Hundekari July 29, 2021 - 11:19 pm

Tanya, there’s not a single day that I would miss seeing you and your workout. You inspire and make every exercise so superbly easy to try n get it perfect. Keep growing and inspiring as many lives you can.

Tanya Agarwal August 3, 2021 - 8:45 pm

Mil Gracias Farida. It’s really nice to see you at my blog here.


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